Is it worth working tonight (Holy Sunday)

yogi bear

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there were literally 4 ants clogging up fawkner street in southbank this afternoon, that the little one way cobblestone laneway off power street that runs behind the wrap hotel.. is about 200 meters long, need some type of snowplow attachment to the maxicab to clear em outa the way..


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I thought you were married to a lady.Am I missing something. :sneaky:Just kidding Bucks.:smiles:I think $70 for 8 hours is more realistic unless hubby does some extra hours in Grey St St.kilda.:eek:
I don't think poor hubs is allowed back in the house till that daily target is reached :eek:
Can't blame him for a quick earnings top up on Gray St... desperate times call for desperate measures :eek: Who fancies sleeping in a barn anyways