Is it worth to drive this weekend


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Is it really worth to drive this weekend considering the promotions? I was online 9 hours(6pm till 3am) last night in OC area and hardly made the same earnings like any other Friday nights which I only work less than 6 hours( usually 9 pm till 2am)

Considering the promotion of $30/hr minimum still makes it to think twice. Because uber said $30/hr gross before their commission.

Let's say you are online for 6 hours between 9pm till 3am. And you have the below breakdown
Fare: $160
Surge: $9
Uber fee: $42

Now uber pay the rest of the difference as per $30/hr guaranteed promise. But it's the gross fare they consider. Uber still charge their 25% out of it right?

So 6*$30=$180 gross
You made: $160 gross
You are short(than promised): $20 than promised

So uber will pay the remaining $20. Yet, they take their 25% as uber fee from $20.

So you only get $15 from uber(consider you still have to pay taxes for that $15 revenue)



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I'm not going to bother. I'm sitting at home enjoying some time off.

I'll be taking the 11-5 promo on the 4th. That's an easy and quick few bucks. But that's it.

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It felt like there wasn't a ton of requests last night in OC. I didn't get hardly any stacked requests until I hit the Newport Beach area. And I dropped off in Downtown Fullerton twice and couldn't get a pick-up. I drove from 6PM to 1AM and in my last hour online I had three rides with gross totals of $13.48 from taking people to and from DTSA. During the 6PM and 10PM hours, I only completed one ride each, but for the others, I completed 2 or more, so those qualify for the guarantee incentive as you had to complete a minimum of 1.5 rides an hour.
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I didn't even get offered a promotion or bonus this week? what are the hours of the promo so i can avoid those hours? Last night in OC was just horrible. i finally had to turn the app off and go home. Never seen so many drivers. I barely made $15 from 10pm to midnight


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Took a much deserved break from excessive driving this week. Driving very sparingly this weekend.


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I'm glad it's just not me, my earnings for slaving Thursday and Friday sucked badly. It was dead, just me driving around wasting my gas


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Seriously, stay home.

Between all the technical difficulties this weekend and an overabundance of drivers on the road, this has been my worst week ever.