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Is it worth chasing the bonus???


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Is it worth chasing the bonus this weekend 55 for $90,which obviously means takind all possible pool rides?
What is your opinion?
Thanks for answers xoxo

Clifford Chong

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If it's only 25 trips and the bonus is around 60-70 dollars within 4 days. Go for it.

55 trips in 3 days sounds a little much.

My current promo is 55 trips for 65 dollars. I simply laughed and planned on studying overtime at school to skip work because of how insulting it is...Like they think I'm stupid enough to do that many trips in 3 days just to add a dollar for every ride. Yeah right.


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Just because im new and have no other things to do i will tey rhis qeekend ,will update you how it went
Hope u have great weekend