Is it really this slow?


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Sitting in the heart of DC-U St, Logan Circle, NW and not a ping for an hour and a half. How things have changed since I first started... I appear on the rider app and am able to request myself although it occasionally matched me with other drivers when requesting.

Is it really this saturated with drivers now? Anyone waiting at the airport? I used to be able to make a quick 50-60 in 2-3 hours on Tuesday nights. I need to start looking for a different part time job. Anyone delivering pizza?

I'm busy


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if youre hourly youll hardly get 1 ping an hr to meet guarantees. I know friends who are not hourly doing 20 plus rides on sat when i can only manage 7-8!

Brandon Nagbe

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I am just on boost, no hourly guarantees. Seems I wasn't the only one that noticed it though.
last Friday I stop at a gas station to get gas. A lady ask me if I was getting request? "She said she been out a hour in a half an not one request" I told her I did 16 trips already an her jaw dropped. That was around 9 oclock. It's crazy that some people can get request but others cant. When ppl say rating, new to old driver matter, short or long trips, or pool. I don't believe it. Monday was a bad day not getting request an all of them being short. While Tuesday I was getting request mid trip back to back? all of them were atleast 7 miles long. After the reward were over I than got 1.8 and 2000 feet trips....uber is just random. Crazy thing is when ever a hour went by an I got no request I emailed uber saying I'm in dc and I'm not getting request? 5 secs later I got one an would have no problems getting any after for that day