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Is it ok to eat or drink in a Ride Share Vehicle

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by MikeNY, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. MikeNY


    im lost
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  2. Yes, perfectly fine.
    Also perfectly fine to pay a cleaning fee. I've collected on toast crumbs.
  3. ZepFan


    New Jersey
    Things that make crumbs like chips/cookies: no. Ice cream: no.

    I don't mind people drinking so long as it is something with a cap or a lid. My new car doesn't have leather seats like my old one, so I'll be getting stricter with this.

    Speaking of which, does anyone use Scotch Guard on their fabric seats? I think I might need to do that.
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    Kurt Halfyard Moderator Author

    You will be ejected from my car if you try to eat fast food out of a bag.

    I always tell PAX from the window before they enter the car: "I'm happy to drive you and your food home. But the food stays in the bag for the duration of the trip."

    I'd be OK with a cup of coffee as long as it has a lid. Soda in a container with lid or in a can is fine.

    Open Alcohol or Red Solo Cup with no lid is UNACCEPTABLE. If I hear the dreaded "KaShiiih" of a can being opened during the ride, my car will come to a complete stop at a safe place until I can confirm it is not alcoholic. If it is booze, it must be discarded from the vehicle at the side of the road or the vehicle will not start moving again.

    Most PAX are cool with this, I've never had confrontation, only the occasional 1*, which LYFT will immediately remove from my record when I write 'open alcohol' in the comment section.
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  5. UberBeemer

    UberBeemer Moderator

    NW Chicago Suburbs
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  6. Dug_M


    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    Clean your seats the best you can before use. I use two cans of Scotch Guard every 6 months. One hour between coats. It's saved me a lot of problems. A few spills easy to deal with. I also carry a small box of baking soda in a plastic bag (to keep moisture out) in the trunk. One guy did get sick last year. The seat (cloth like yours) cleaned really easy after I took the pics. Then I sprinkled the whole box of baking soda on the seat and floor. Drove home. The next morning I vacuumed up the baking soda and then used Clorox Urine Remover. Cleans stains and odors. Got my $150. This was a year ago and not a hint of a bad smell.
    Here's the link for the Clorox I've only found it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01981KS8U/?tag=ubne0c-20
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  7. ANT 7

    ANT 7

    I eat in my car, so if a pax wants to, I'm fine with it.
  8. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    For $20, you can fry a Turkey in my car
  9. i encourage it

    9809C3D0-1BBF-49A6-855D-6291F35EA83C.png 90F87C0F-DD98-4C4E-BA8E-E5ABB27EA586.jpeg

    About .24 cents worth of Kirkland disinfectant wipes took care of this in about 2 minutes.
  10. Wh4tev3r!!!!


    You are supposed to slow up when you see a speed bump!! How much got on the passenger!
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  11. MikeNY


    im lost
    Honestly, when your driving trying to maximize your shift, you don't want to be bothered with cleaning spills. Time is money
  12. welikecamping


    Phoenix, az
    I don't eat in my car, and I would prefer that others not eat either. I don't mind a covered beverage, and I don't mind you carrying food, but the eating part is a no deal for me.
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  13. islanddriver


    Its up to you your car.
  14. Not much. She was in the 3rd row and tripped as she was stepping out and her hand holding the drink went crazy as she couldn't hold on to anything.
    Such an easy clean up that if she had just said "I'm so sorry I spilled my drink" i probably wouldn't have submitted for the cleaning fee.
    But she just laughed with her friends.
    Hope she's still laughing when her friend hits her up for the money.

    Spills are money.
    Most of the time worth more that several rides put together.
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  15. Just BS

    Just BS

    Bay Area
    I like the smell of cheeseburger and fries but not curry. To keep it simple, there's no eating in my car. I don't eat in it either, so why should the PAX be allowed to? Coffee and cups with lids don't bother me... but I got leather seats and rubber floor mats down.
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  16. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    Really? For the longest time I felt like they were trying to slow me down with those things

    That's the joke I use whenever I hit a speed bump too hard with a rider
  17. dnlbaboof


    what about a pool rider that wants to make a stop at in and out? ever had one of those say" we havent picked anyone up yet why not?
  18. Jay Dean

    Jay Dean

    Austin, Tx
    It takes about 20 mins for most food smells to leave my car 'with' all 4 windows fully down and driving down highway to air it out, make that 1hr with Taco Bell. Hell to the NO.

    The other thing is, if Pax smell other food, they too want food, just like they ordered a ride from their phone, you are now part of their new quest for food. Ef that.

    As a side topic, I drive visitors all the time that want to go to In-N-Out, I live about half a mile from one and drive 2 and a half miles to get Whataburger instead. i went to In-N-Out a couple times, and do not get it at all. When it comes to a fast food burger there just is no comparison lol. BTW I don't tell pax, because I don't want to ruin their "judgement" or make them feel wrong in anyway, these entitled people don't want to hear about options or quality,, they want to be right lol!
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  19. My guess is there isn't too too many cities that have both.

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