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Is it me or is Uber dying a slow death

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Major League, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. I've been a part-timer for about a year. I've noticed not only the the pay getting lower but the rider quality is getting worse and worse.

    My experience during the past couple weeks.

    Last week I pick up a threesome. They were still drunk from the night before, loud and obnoxious. I couldn't wait to get them out of the car. Gave them a 1 star. Didn't drive again for a week.

    Today I pick up someone 10 mins away from a nice part of town which usually guarantees a $20 in my pocket fare. Nope, another guy still admittedly drunk from the night before smelling of pot going to work of all places. I made $4 in my pocket. He gets a 3* just for wasting my time.

    Ok. I accept a ping about 5 mins. away. Drive up and it's a husband and wife with a kid running around and a four foot tall stroller. I don't think so. Let's abuse the Uber X driver and stuff a $400 stroller into his trunk and have him listen to our toddler yell for 20 mins. I do a slow drive through their buildings loop and burn my tires out of there..... cancel.

    Then I take a ping which I realize when I get there is the mall. Nope.... I cancel. Not giving another cheapo a ride with the bags in my trunk for $4. Got enough scratches on the back bumper.

    Next, accept a ping about 4mins. away. Guy comes out of his house with a moving box and a desperate look on his face. Nope.... not a moving service. He'll say something like, hey dude, I got some more boxes can we put them in the trunk. Oh yea and I need to go 5 blocks. I drive off. Just not going to be abused for $4

    Ping from Target. Nope. Ping from supermarket. nope.

    So I sign off until around 5PM. Pull down a quiet street and park at the address. Some guy strolls up to my car with a beer cup. I say, sorry no drinks. He says oh! closes the door and walks away. Then I see him with another person and they have drinks as well. No thanks. No more drunkers. Cancel.

    I have canceled or refused pings 11 of the last 12 trips. Absolute waste of time and risk of abuse.

    I am real close to signing off on this gig. I'd rather make $15 an hour with the delivery services than $19 an hour with the bottom dwelling transportation public.

    Thats my gripe........ whats yours.
  2. I love that the cheap-ass grocery store crowd is calling Uber now. You guys can have them, along with the drunk college kids.
  3. UberBlackPr1nce


    Atlanta GA
    Your gripe sound like a typical day/experience. What were you excepting when decided to drive?
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  4. Dude... stay with the taxi. I'm sure you know this. I see a move back to taxis at some point. The cheapos will take Uber and the regular folk will take either taxi or uber black car. But more likely taxi. Taxis will at some point smarten up and do apps and most of the foreign drivers will move onto uber. Just a guess.
  5. Better than this. It's actually just since around June that it's really started to suck. I could go out for a couple hours and put $35 - $50 bucks in my pocket cleared on a Sat Sun morning and do a couple weekdays for the same and make almost as much doing airport runs.
    It was nice to have $150 hit my bank account for little work while a ran errands or the such.

    Last year I could make $150 a day or two before holidays or clean up on a Friday.
  6. You just described my very experience with UBER to the T.

    Last time I drove, I had this idiot at a hotel who didn't want to walk a distance equaling 3 cars length to get in my car.
    He called me instead to make what could have been a very easy pick up a very difficult one, and order me to come up more towards the reception area.
    So I just took off on his ass. Before making it out of the hotel property the idiot cancels the request. Then, the idiot sends another request which naturally comes to me, which I gladly accepted. Then I made the idiot wait for a few minutes then I cancelled the request... Reason: Other.

    Pax had a 4.3 * and I should have known he was an idiot but it was very slow that day and I decided to take a chance on him.
    The point is every time I decide to drive, I'm so disgusted with it I don't even wanna look at that stupid App for at least a few days.

    Also, another rule of mine, every time i get dragged into a minimum ride, I'm logging off right after completion, despite the little message from Uber saying "are you sure you wanna sign off. There's a high demand in your area at this time"... High demand for 4 dollars rides? Thank you but noooo thank you!
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  7. poopy


    Uber is going strong.

    Driving for a profit with minimal problems is dying... and I'm sure the OP was excepting something totally different, a year ago -- when he started.


  8. Yea, it's really gotten bad. I'm in the northeast and I didn't think we would get this here but it really is getting worse. One of my first rides, when I started, was picking up a he/she. The person said hi in a male voice but looked like a lady. I was like o'boy. Perfect ride. I got $18 in my pocket for a 25 minute ride and a $2 tip.

    That same trip, I'm lucky to get $15 and no one tips anymore.

    That 30 cents per minute really helped. 20 minutes meant an extra $6. Now it's $3.

    Haven't seen a tip in 6 months.
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  9. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    .......you forgot that the toddler decides that yourUberXmobile is the perfect place to load his pants, about ninety seconds after everyone and thing is in the car and you have pulled off from the pick-up address.

    Moving jobs have been a problem for the cab business for years. Too many people get a quote from a moving company, do not like it, so they decide that they are going to use a cab as a discount mover. We want to charge for our time and trouble, but they do not want to pay. I have seen more fines and suspensions issued to cab drivers by the Taxicab Commission over moving jobs than I care to remember. When I had a station waggon, I used to get the occasional moving job. I would pull up to the job. The customer would come out and explain himself to me. I would tell him that I would need to look at the stuff to see what it was going to cost. If he balked or questioned me, it was over right there. I would tell him that I could not help him, spin on my heel and walk away. If we got past that, the next question was "Will you require a receipt?". If "Yes", again, "Sorry, can not help you" and walk away. If we got past that, I would look at the stuff and tell him a price. The slightest flinch earned "Sorry, can not help you" and walk away. It got to the point where I would not do a moving job. If I were on the microphone and one came in, I used to grill the customer. If I did not like it, I told him that we could not help him.

    We have only one Tar-ZHAY in the City. The Uber trips there usually are allright--nothing fantastic, as a rule, but nothing wrong with them, either. At least on Uber Taxi or UberX, you can accept them from that Tar-ZHAY, as they have a pretty good chance of being there. If I get one from my o wn cab company, unless I am two blocks from it, I throw it right back. They do not wait if they call a cab from what Uber calls a "legacy cab company".

    The funny thing about stupidmarkets: the trips from them are allright in a cab in the City. In the suburbs, they are lousy jobs be it in a cab or UberX. In the City, groceries are no good in UberX, either.

    As I stated to the Original Poster, the grocery jobs in the City, in the cab, are not bad, Under our old Zone System, they were allright. Even with the meters, still they are allright. There is nothing fantastic about them, but there is nothing wrong with them, either. In the suburbs, they are not worth the trouble in a cab. I will keep the grocery jobs.

    Funny thing about the drunk college kids. In the cab, again, they are not really too much trouble. UberX is a totally different animal when dealing with drunk college kids. It is no trouble to wait for them on campus in front of the dormitory. They are allright if they are taxi passengers. They can be real jackwadds if they are UberX users.

    The hard part with the drunk college kids is getting them out of the gin mill. This can mean real trouble on the strips. You are in front of the gin mill, you have contacted the passenger(s) and explained the situation, which they have acknowledged. Still, Our Future Leaders will not come out. Then, the horns start to honk, the police starts to bang on your hood and tell you to move and the parking flunkies start waving their summons books in your windshield. This is one reason why I skirt the strips and go through the residential sections off the strips. People there do want cab rides. Rarely will anyone bother you while you wait on a residential street.

    Taxis have had applications for some time. The only one that works with individual drivers that seems able to survive, so far, is Uber Taxi, but it is available only in limited markets. There is Curb and Flywheel, but they work with fleets, only. Arro has just hit New York City, and it appears to be well received there. It is on its way to Washington. I do not know if I will be able to sign up for it. Verifone has Way2Ride that is in beta-testing, here.

    Most of the cab drivers here are foreigners. It has been that way since the late 1970s. In fact, there was one well known company here that for years did not want the foreigners. By the time that they had realised their mistake, it was too late. Once too many of their older drivers had hung up their keys, it was the end of it as an independent company. The name still exists, but it is simply a cog in the machinery of a larger fleet that has over twenty companies affiliated with it.

    Most of the illegals were foreigners, as well. They have long sinced moved on to Uber. One thing that Uber did here was "legitimise" the illegals.

    We have had those here for years. I never did pay much attention to them, anyhow. All that I care about is do they have cash or a credit card that will clear. If it is Uber Taxi, or UberX, I do not have that worry, even. Even if the card is bad, Uber still pays me.

    With one exception, the only tips that I get on UberX are from black or Spanish-speaking women who do not live here.
  10. Lots of good info.
  11. I highly doubt people will go back to taxi's when rates are 3X less.

    Plus I have had 3 newbies this week saying Uber is like a God send. These are former taxi users.
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  12. DB2448



    Hang out by Hotels and housing developements between 1 and 6pm. That's what I'm starting to do. Did this the other day and got an $8 and $20 trip after Uber Fees in about three hours total. Including drive time.
  13. Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant


    You had a bad day, surely they're not all like that, eh ?
  14. Kalee


    OMG...this so describes how things are going for me! I cancel for all the same reasons!
    Uber is in the toilet now.
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    Dallas, TX
    the cheaper the rates get you going to grocery stores malls bus station.It 2 dollars in my market after uber pay.They drop the minum fare from 2.40 to 200 so expect all the crap rides for those rate.I guess 2.40 was to expensive I love when uber drops the rates cause uber cut never lowers they could at least take only drop there cut from 20 percent to ten percent on those fares
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  16. Emp9


    Fairfax VA
    you might as well quit driving, at $1 a mile or less this is what uber turned into. i learn to ignore some pings from bars or walmart, but some use the actual address and its hard to know what it is. anyway these all come with this job.

    i had 4 bobo's pack in my car to go less than 1 mile and had the nerve to keep saying i make 1,000 a night. i said yeah these $5 rides where i get $3 before gas really add up.
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  17. Actually, I signed on 4 times total since last Saturday and they all sucked. I just didn't mention the other jobs I canceled or pings I refused. I signed on with the other driver service i use this morning and had a $28 and $12 job done and complete within an hour and a half. That was in my pocket money. It may be some people are preferring this other service or luck of the draw. I will say this. I'm going to start driving with preference to the other service. The two rides I had were incredibly polite and friendly and spoke in a low tone. As soon as I dropped the 2nd rider off I had another ping but had to go off and do something non work related today.

  18. Yea. Just keep doing that same thing. It's the only way to make the point. Uber has quit sending me the you cant drive for 10 min notice since if they want us to be truly considered 1099s then they cant force us to take rides or we are then employees. If enough riders are slighted by drivers then they go somewhere else or stop using the service. Just keep dinging their ratings and canceling or refusing pings.

  19. Did you mean BOZO's :) Next time, just drive off. Sometimes what will happen is you'll get one or two at the car and when they get in they'll say there are more. What you do if you think that there might be more than what you see is keep the doors locked and drop the window. Then say how many as I have to clear out some space. If they say theres another 1 or 2, I say, hold on, I have to clear some room. I then burn the tires. If there is traffic in front of you just say I need to pull around and clear some stuff out. I always keep stuff on the front seat. Then after you reach the getaway point burn tires and cancel as no fare to rider. Wash and repeat until you find a fare your happy with.

    I know this sounds counter intuitive. Like why are you turning down fares, its a waste of time, gas and money. In some way this is true, but as driver we have to make a point to not only Uber but to the riders. Make them use XL which really should be for 3 or more riders and riders with a ton of crap. They should pay more and really that is what XL is for.
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  20. uberparadise


    Wow I feel your pain. I admire u sticking up for yourself. I had a guy try to do a midnight departure from his apartment. He had many boxes and his family ready to take off. The real kicker was when we arrived at his new place he got out went upstairs and didn't help unload. The nerve of some people. How bout those speed bumps killing your suspension as u meander toward the correct building number in their large apartment complexes. Those locked gates are a real pain as well.

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