Is it me or is it a little slow for a Friday night?



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Picked up pool from West end Ave. Got 6 riders added b4 finishing the the trip. Lolll. The first lady got fed up and left at one of the drop-off. Lmao I'm sure it taught her a lesson. (Only accepting poop till I complete the quest. Lol)


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In addition, Uber and Lyft taking 35% from Ants plus Black Car Fund fee. Ants are getting Raped! Lmao!


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I was doing pretty good in Williamsburg, got some good long trips on Juno and quite a few pax tipped. Overall good night. Manhattan was also good tons of people were out


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These last few days have been some of the worst of the year...I see empty Uber cars seems like a bunch of people rented cars in September to only be very disappointed and to of course flood the market even more
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