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Is it just me....


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or have tips really fallen to nil lately. Not like they were that great to begin with but damn almost nothing now.

Guess my rider rating crusade continues. 3 max. It feels weird giving 3 stars to almost all riders at first after freely delving out 5 stars for so long. But after a while it just becomes the new normal.


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My other business has taken off lately. Working 80+ hrs a week took it's toll. So, I took most of last week off from driving. I am planning on hitting it hard for 3 weeks again. Hopefully people will be in the Chtistmas giving spirit.


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I haven't noticed a downward trend in tipping much, frankly. It's still about the same in app.

Cash tipping is down to almost nil. Cash tips happen maybe once every 20-30 rides.

Because I have to rate immediately after Uber, and have no chance to change the rating, I can't bring myself to rate people below a five unless they really screw the pooch somehow.

Lyft is a whole nother story:

Min ride, no tip. 3 star. Never want to see their sorry asses again.
Any ride greater than min, no tip. Four star. I'll give them another chance to make things right. If I see you again, and you don't tip, despite the hints I'll drop on the second ride, three star.
Any ride + tip. Five star.

I go back to the Lyft app within 24 hours and make sure to adjust accordingly (as Lyft defaults to 5 star after 24 hours).



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I had a thread on this a while back. Way I figure 1 in 10 riders might tip so I 3 star almost everyone. That is at least a 90% correct rating based on tips. I go down from there like if they took forever to get to car. Probably a 2. Then if they are really annoying in some way, goes to 1.
Of course this is all secret, never mention the max they are getting is 3, lol...

Like I said, on Uber it feels weird at first to consistently rate 3 stars because you are conditioned to rate the default 5. After a while it becomes natural.
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I rate everyone 5 stars...except, just one time, I gave a guy 1 star. You all are crazy!!! A little bit.

The thing that really grinds my gears is when I get rated a 4 star and no tip! WOW! The never of these ppl! I only have 8 of them ever, but still...what the hell are you expecting from a ride that goes from point A to point B? Do you want your sack or your mound massaged or what? I just give rides. Safe rides. Clean Car. Friendly Convo. That is a damn 5. No, I do not give out water.


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I know, I had a ride a week or so ago. It was just going to be a few minutes. The guy said I was quiet like he wanted to engage in some sort of conversation. It was late and I had been driving for a while so was probably tired. At one point I mentioned my job was to drive from point A to point B, safely. He didn't seem to think that was enough. 2 star on lyft. lol