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Is it just me .....

Discussion in 'Birmingham, UK' started by Uberbrumdriver, May 21, 2018.

  1. or is it really really dead ? No jobs at all in birmingham ...?
  2. Hi, Anyone have any idea on when Birmingham will start on-boarding again ? I've been waiting a while. Also i was told by another uber driver that you can on-board in another city within the midlands but when asking uber they say you must hold a licence for that city to on-board, is this true ? I currently hold a Wolverhampton licence and other than Birmingham don't really have any other options. The Wolverhampton Uber office seems it has been closed down.
  3. Not sure about onboarding sorry , but i would be suprised if they are takng on drivers at the moment as for some very peculiar reason its gone extremely dead. Like 1 hour wait between jobs, the only other time ive seen it this dead was around 2 and half years ago when ubers office was in handsworth and they were just starting out in birmingham. Im not sure what has happened , could be that customers are starting to leave uber, or there are too many drivers or both.... any thoughts ?

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