Is it just me or is it really slow on both Uber and Lyft today?


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Started at 1:30, waited an hour at SFO, Uber sent a short trip and promised another trip in front of the que right afterwards. Short trip completed, return and received a another short trip but no promise to be in front of the que. Returned to the SFO lot after that completed trip. Now it's already 4:30 and would need to wait another 1 hour at least before another ride. Decided to leave, and hopefully find other rides elsewhere. 5 o'clock, pool ride on Uber 4.62 cents, second pool ride at 5:45, 4.78 cents. Lyft ride at 6:00, passenger cancelled, collected $5. Already 6:30 now, and I've worked a total of 5 hours and made $30.00.

After taxes and gas, that leaves me with $5.00.

A dollar an hour.

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That's what you get for wasting your time in an airport queue. If you're really serious, work the city and the South Bay.


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Why waste time waiting at the airport? Drive 10 min in either direction and you’re more likely to get a ride faster than sitting idle in the airport queue.

South Bay is dead. There’s nothing to be accomplished doing rideshare in South Bay.