Is it illegal for Uber to change pay within the same pay period?


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I have been fighting with uber support because they changed the incentive qualifications within the same pay period of the promised incentive, in my case platinum.

On the week of July 25 they changed the medal programs to end at 8 pm Sunday. Before it had ended at 4am, Monday, to coincide with end of pay period. July 25 they sent an email that told us if we hit platinum, hours and days that the actual incentives are applied. All our rides were included provided they started LA county regardless of the day and time providing it was in the same pay period. They changed it and put it in the fine print at the end of the email so most drivers didn't notice. I took rides till 3am Monday morning so I would have 75 rides in for platinum.



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The email from the preceding week has the same hours for qualification.

A word to the wise, stop chasing Sunday to fulfill the requirements. Uber knows drivers are doing this, thus cutting the guarantee amount and hours.