Is it extremely slow for anyone else?


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Over the past two days I've been on 11 hours, and gotten 8 rides. It's never been this slow for me. Is anyone else experiencing a lack or pings lately?

edit to add: I'm referring to UberX
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I thought this weekend was very slow for a holiday weekend (though I only drove Sunday afternoon and Monday).


I feel like it's been rather slow myself. Granted I haven't been hustling as much as I usually do but even so it seems slower. I think Labor Day Weekend may have had something to do with it. It looked on the highways Friday as though 3/4 of the city was leaving out of town.


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If you look at the Demand trends, Monday-Tuesday are typically the slowest days of the week.
I have noticed starting Thursday evening the biz starts to pickup ramping up thru Saturday Late Night.
This does not include anything to do with the airport... Thats a whole other issue.
LouFest this weekend should keep us busy.


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For me it has been busy in weird places. I got stuck in blackjack Jennings area for 7 back to back trips today. Yesterday it was 8 or 9 trips with a little wait between in Maplewood and a little South of there. Im xl so I get that and x