Is Instant Pay still wack?


Was thinking about joining Ubers Instant Pay and opting out of Daiky Pay.
Is anyone on Instant Pay and is it still having issues that UberMan talked about in his video? Thanks for the feedback


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You will receive a black Uber GoBank debit card once approved. All you need to do is to log onto Uber partner site and transfer available cash amount to Uber debit card. It happens instantly. You can then go to any ATM to withdraw the cash. I use Walgreen ATM which is free. If you have a Go Bank app , it shows closest free ATM in your area.


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Yes, it works as Rembrandt said above. Would be easier if it could be done from app. Also, if you want the money right then, you have to go and get it out from ATM. Transferring to your own bank, takes 3 days. But works fine; just the minor inconveniences of having to go to www online and to and ATM.