Is Hollywood Beach the worst area to work?


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I don't think I've ever had a decent fare in Hollywood Beach. Usually I'm picking up someone from the Diplomat or one of those hotels and they are literally going down the street.

I stay the hell away from Hollywood Beach. Wilton Manors is another area I stay away from. What are some of the areas you hate working?


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Collins Ave/MB, and downtown Fort Lauderdale. Nightmares to get around, and trips from one bar to another just a mile away.


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It's all a gamble no matter where you are... Lately I've been sticking out West. Usually get someone heading east. Every minimum fare can at least possibly put you right next to a nice run. Wait, why am I thinking positive?


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No, however I have lived in apartments right on the beach there and a apartment in the Ramada Resort and the area is trash(Very transient at night), like the their nocturnal.