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Is going Uber Black worth it in Houston?


Hey all,

Been driving UberX for a while now, and I'm thinking about switching to Black, doing all the necessaries, car, the works, etc. I wanted to find out before hand from some Black drivers, whether Black is worth it, in terms of number of pings?



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I've talked to some UberBlack drivers and one said it's not as good as it used to be, but from what I gathered he didn't realize how much better it is even on his bad days. $100-$200 in fares is probably a normal day on UberBlack. $300-400 is a really good day. Apparently that used to be a normal day. If you can afford to get into it and don't mind wearing a suite every day, I say go for it. With black all you need is a few trips per day to be at a profit level UberX drivers spend all day or even all week achieving.


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I was thinking about it.. Either a Tesla, Hyundai Genesis/Equos, or maybe a Escalade. The Escalade I assume can be driven for both Black and SUV?

Otherwise the Genesis seems like the best car (lowest cost / most reliable) you could use for Black. The Tesla is also not on the Houston Limo list but I assume it would qualify.
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