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Is Doordash WORTH it ??

Discussion in 'Advice' started by LAboy, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. LAboy


    Los Angeles
    everyone is telling me to join Doordash too, i only work for UberEATS, i used to work for Postmates, but i dont like them i deleted it.
    can i make 300$ a week with Doordash, cuz i do with UberEATS ?
    how much you make per week with DD?
    do you i have to go to an interview to sign up ?
    can you just log in and work ?
    I don't believe these other apps are as busy as UberEATS, when i used to work for Postmates, sometime one hour zero Ping, with UberEATS there is always work.
    does doordash really guarantee $10 per hour ?
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  2. I haven't done DD since June, but my daughter still does and has no problem with $300 per week, per hour is erratic with nights from $12-$20 per hour. But a lot of hassle with restaurants and DD support is why I don't do it.
  3. It really depends on your area. DD has recently slowed down and the orders average $6 (whereas they used to average $9!

    I've noticed that UE has actually picked but I am in Atlanta, GA so YMMV.

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