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Is anyone still active?


New Member
I’m new here, obviously. But I see a quick decrease in activity.
How many drivers on here, still drive in Wilmington?
I live an equal distance away from Wilmington, Fayetteville, and Raleigh and would like to get an idea of how many active drivers there are.
Thanks! Safe driving!:smiles:


New Member
I just made me an account on here. But You already know how it is here in Wilmington 4,000 registard drivers and a ton of drivers coming here from jville and Fayetteville not much money to be made.


Well-Known Member
I thought about driving in wilmington de but after seeing people saying there are too many drivers there i chNged my mind


Well-Known Member
I drive Wilmington. Decent for part time. If you work the right times and places. I might run up to Raleigh and see how it is there.