iPhone IOS 11 (update)


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For those with iPhones.. have you downloaded the latest operating system.. IOS 11 And if so did it mess up anything with the Uber or Lyft app? Thanks


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You want to ....install the Apple IOS 11 on an Android Device????
Let us all know how this works out please.

I do rideshare from my Android phone so have not installed iOS 11 on that. I dd install iOS on my iPad, but since it's not a phone, do not have Uber/Lyft driver apps installed on that. Have not used my iPad today, so don't know about other apps working OK with iOS 11.


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Been running iOS 11 since June. It caused driver app not to show pax rating and “stop new requests” during an active trip. This was fixed in a near final beta released about 2 weeks ago. Been running the final version for a week and no compatibility issues with Uber app.



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Ok so everything works fine then?
I just downloaded it via wifi (not clean).. haven't used Uber app yet to test it


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I do rideshare from my Android phone so have not installed iOS 11 on that

Let me try again:

Android OS= Nougat, Lollipop, Marshmellow, etc.

Apple: iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, 11, etc.
Usually, the two don't mix.
(like installing Win 10 on a MacBook pro.)
Yes, Guys I know all about Virtual Desktops and parallel.

Unless you are a Hacker, and you can root your Android, ok then you'll be able to install the iOS 11 on any unlocked Galaxy, Huawei, whatever.