iPhone Driver App version 4 for IOS users IOS 12

Anyone else agree this new app is simply a cosmetic makeover with MINOR changes?

  • YES it’s simpky a graphical makeover wit MINOR mods

    Votes: 6 85.7%
  • NO this app is more than just fancy graphical makeover

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • What’s a app?

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Uber has been waiting for Apple to release IOS 12 to the public before u can down the version 4 of the UBER Driver app. It has already been released to Android users (I am in Cincinnati) but I’m a Apple Developer and installed the IOS beta 10 a couple nights ago. As soon as I did the Uber Driver App version 4 was available in the App Store so I updated it. I have to say they made it “easier” to use and added a few new things but the major areas that needed improvmenr (i.e. support for ApplePlay, support for Apple maps, two way feedback when someone says “you arrived late and the food was cold, when is actually McDonald’s had it made as soon as it came on and it sat there while we made a 10-15 drive just to get there plus whatever the drive to the destination was). I give the new app a A+ for its new looks and functionality but a D- for adding the true options that is drivers really need.


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odd, I tried to edit the previous post just to change some spelling and grammar errors and when I saved it, it came up and said “cannot update due to spam or other inappriate material” or something similar to that. Not sure if it is a IOS 12 Beta problem or a problem with the forum software. Anyway just so you Mods know I had some issues with it, even trying to reply was a problem I managed to get it to work somehow by quoting the previous post and deleting it, that worked, the keyboard wouldn’t come up when I tried to reply regularly. Anyway just a FYI.

Now it’s working just fine, I could edit the previous post snd post this reply no problem, odd.


All I tried to do was add the word “load” to down so it read download LOL

For all u that need the proof lol

iPhone 6 running IOS 12


And the Uber Driver app v4


The IOS beta 10 is free for download right now but you have to sign up to be a developor, not a full fledge developer which costs $99.99 but just a junior associate with barely enough access to download development tool manuals. But at the moment this IOS beta release is available to the public. Please note it is a beta version and WILL have bugs with stuff, so keep that in mind, if you are computer illiterate then this is NOT FOR YOU. I don’t think I can post the link but u can msg me or email me and I got u.


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Because iOS 12 is unavailable to the public DUH

And it is nothing more than cosmetics IMO and a lot of others also.. a trip planner... wow big deal, let’s see what else... hmmmmm nothing


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Hi, I recently upgraded to iOS 12 Beta, and while using the app for more than 12-15mins it is crashing showing "unfortunately stopped".