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iOS 10 Rolls Out Tomorrow... Who wants to bet it breaks Uber and Lyft Driver Apps?

Discussion in 'Los Angeles & Orange County' started by Phill, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. Phill


    Los Angeles
    Hope everyone is going to enjoy the day off tomorrow cause I'm pretty sure anyone that upgrades to iOS 10 tomorrow is not gonna be able to drive.

    Then again you don't HAVE to upgrade... you can let all the ants do it first... perhaps swipe a few off and clear the way for others?
  2. IM NOT UPDATING . Why ? So my iPhone can slow down all of. Sudden and now I have the urge to buy the iPhone 7 ? No thanks apple
  3. I'm on iOS 10. Been for weeks.

    Apps work fine.
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  4. same here. i am on ios10. been using since beta.
    works just fine.
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  5. Is it true that IOS 10 refuses any power cable that's not my Apple???
  6. No. I've has iOS 10 for months since first beta and use Amazon power cables with no problems.
  7. as long as they are mfi certified it works fine
  8. BallersBenz


    Anyone notice the way Apple gave Uber the middle finger?


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