Investigation - physical altercation with passenger


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So here is something I never expected. I get a call last night from Uber at 11 PM saying there is an active investigation and the call is being recorded. There was a physical altercation between myself and a passenger.

Crazy thing is this never happened. I haven't had a physical altercation since I was in elementary school!

I haven't even had a bad ride since April! (Had some drunk dude punch my car) I explained all this and told them there was some kind of mix up and I'm not the driver they are looking for....they call back an hour later and say it was me.

Crazy right? So I'm turned off from the platform and there is some guy out there that had fisticuffs with a passenger still driving!!

I'm a 4.85 with glowing reviews. I've done nothing but airport runs for the last month. I don't even work nights. How can they not look at the app records and tell this wasn't me?

Of course they wouldn't provide me with any info other than it occurred sometime in the last two weeks. I'm assuming it happened last night and the incident was immediately reported but I wasn't even working last night I was playing Diablo and watching Smackdown with the kids!