Introducing myself, I got denied by Uber

Yulli Yung

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Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Marcelino, but call me Marc as my nickname. I'm turning 22 years old soon. I'm working 2 jobs at Chick-Fil-A and Red Lobster. Taking some educations. My hobby is computing.

Secondly, I always wanted to work Uber, but I almost never able to do it because my vehicle is not above 2005. Honestly, Uber is my dream job for the three basic reasons: 1. I love to travel; meanwhile, I'd love to drive around. 2. Reasonable income. 3. Flexible schedules as my own schedules. So I've made a decision to get a new car soon. I started an application with Uber by using my mom's vehicle as we are in same insurance. Once Uber approves me to work with them, I will get a new car ASAP. When I started an application with Uber, I received their mail says that they may disqualified me for being major violation in the past 3 years. Why? I was speeding over 25 MPH that considers a major violation in their eyes. I was heartbreaking when I heard the message from them. They said I have to through the dispute progress with Checkr Inc. where they got report from. Immediately, I spent several hours by researching traffic laws. Here what I found: The Florida Statatues & Constituions Title 23 Chapter 316 Section 183 explains about unlawful speeding. Not a word mentions that speeding is a major violation, but speeding over 30 MPH may be serious and probably requires mandontary court like DUI, reckless, etc. One more thing: The Florida Statatues & Constituions Title 23 Chapter 318 Section 18 explains about traffic violation penalties. Not a word mentions my case was a major violation... It is same as other speeding as minor violation. The difference was points and amount penalties.. I wrote a formal letter to Checkr Inc. for the dispute progress, and I wrote a formal letter to Uber to reconsider my proposal an indepentable contractor relationship with Uber... Checkr Inc. responses me that they can't do anything about it, and I need to talk with Uber about it for them to consider because Checkr Inc. do not make a decision. Uber responses me that they can't do anything about it, and I need to talk with Checkr Inc about it for them to alter on my report. Both of them respond in the same way such as crossing. I contacted Uber Executives Support works for Travis. I received the same response like they do not care. I tried to explain them I was speeding because I was in rush to arrive work on time. I made a mistake lesson. I have one ticket ONLY in total 3 years of license history. ONE violation ONLY. They instantly denied me on my one license. Heartbreaking. Also, one of my good friend works with Uber; he got approved with his proposal contractor with Uber while he had two violations history in less than 1 year with speeding and reckless driver. He got tickets outside of his home state. I assume Checkr Inc. doesn't check outside of home state. When I'm on duty with Uber, I will take serious based on ensuring provides guests satisfy with my service I could get high rate. I do not want to risk my rate.... I contacted with Uber many times, and I get all response in the same way even Checkr Inc..... I felt disappointed. I'm considering to hire a lawyer to check with Clerk Court first if they consider me as major or minor violation. If they say my violation considered as major, I will discuss with them to make alters on my report. If Clerk Court considered my violation is a minor, I will start step two by law suiting Checkr Inc. for making a false report. If Checkr Inc has do nothing with my report and considered me as minor violation, I will start step three by law suiting Uber for discriminating me unfairly and unreasonable.......

What's on your thoughts... Any advice? Any help?
I would love to give you my thoughts, but fell asleep halfway through your post. Brevity is the key


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Checkr only reports the info, it is Uber that makes any decisions about it. I have always wondered if Uber has any appeals process but since I wasn't rejected I did not have to worry about it. But it does sound like your argument is with Uber not checkr.


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Lil dude didn’t get his dream job

Wait a minute.. that ticket is probably off the three year sweep by now.

Lil Dude! Come back! There’s still time to wreck your life driving Uber!