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Interstate Trips

Marie Cox

Hi all! I'm not a driver yet but considering it. Wondering if anyone has any experience driving people between states? I live in CT - perfectly located between NYC, Hartford and Boston. So I would expect and welcome a number of interstate fares to and from the airports, trains, etc. This is a very bustling area of commerce. Obviously if I'm driving to an NYC airport or Logan in Boston, I'd be wanting to pick up other fares from there as well. Any tips on what I need to know/avoid? Would I need licenses or permits for other states that I would drive to and from? Thank so much! This is such an informative and helpful community. What a great service you guys provide.

Disgusted Driver

Well-Known Member
Flattery will get you no where at least with this fool because I'm ignorant of the rules up there. Good luck and please be honest with yourself about expenses and earnings, it's a tough way to make a living.


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This would do better to ask specifically in "Cities" part of the forum. Maybe hit up NYC and Boston. See what local drivers say.

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