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Intact insurance announcement

Discussion in 'Toronto' started by PinkYetti, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. PinkYetti


    Barrie, Ontario, Canada
    Uber is thrilled to announce a relationship with Intact Financial, Canada’s largest home, auto and business insurer.

    We have been working with IntactFinancial to develop an innovative, new insurance plan for ridesharing in Canada that we hope will come to market soon. This plan will be the first of its kind designed exclusively for the ridesharing industry in Canada.

    Every month, more than one million Uber rides take place across Canada and that number is growing every day. As we continue to work to improve the way people get around in Canadian cities, we look forward to working with Intact Financial, a partner committed to innovating alongside us.

    In the interim, every uberX ride in Canada continues to be covered by auto liability insurance with Uber’s current insurance provider. For more information on our existing safety program in Canada read here.
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  2. I got the email from Uber about it too. Let's hope this comes to fruition and that the rates are affordable. If nothing else, it will give the taxi industry one less piece of ammunition to use against us.
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