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Insurance. Seriously.

Discussion in 'New York City' started by baconlawlz, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. baconlawlz


    New York
    Ok, so NYC commercial insurance info specifically for rideshares is dry AF. Anyone willing to message me or post which company they use?

    I've located a few traditional companies as well as brokers that do commercial but would like an understanding of the process beforehand.

    Yes, I'm new.
    Yes I did defense, medical, submitted online, etc.
  2. MichaelxUber


    Debbie brown next century insurance is 3,555 yearly if you have 0 points in your license.
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  3. baconlawlz


    New York
    Thanks buddy!
  4. I pay 4600 full coverage a year. I went with the one at the uber office.
  5. ORT


    What rideshare are you talking about, there is no such thing as a rideshare service in NYC. You are a FHV, black car dispatch service.
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  6. depends what your needs are. If your going luxury then hands down Lancer. They are the only company in nyc underwriting 1.5 million which most luxuty companies require their broker is TIB on long island you can go through other brokers but they will end up going through TIB regardless as they as the preferred brokers so no need for multiple middlemen.

    Global - 1 million
    Hereford -300k (1 million supplement optional after 3years)(Must purchase full coverage seperate)
    Fiduciary - 300k
    American Transit- 300k
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