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Hi fellow Uber drivers,

Farmer decided to jack up the price ( almost $1000 more/ 6 months ) on my policy (home + 4 mediocre commute vehicles). To stay with Farmer, I probably have to pay $200 more per vehicle (from $600 to $800 per vehicle). I’m thinking of switching carrier ( Geico/ AAA/ Progressive/ Allstate ). Any recommendations?

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I have 3 cars and the house on Liberty and the UberMobile on Progressive.

I was actually for the first time in maybe my whole life, able to reduce the 3 car policy without switching insurance carriers just last month. The house went up another 500 this year. The UberMobile hasn't gone up in awhile.

I shopped the house alone and the house + 3 cars with a broker, they couldn't find me anything better. I don't think the broker was selling much more than Progressive policies though. I'll probably try again with a different broker in March of 2020.

Also first time in my life Liberty Mutual wasn't the MOST expensive carrier I found.


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Thank you very much. I will talk a Liberty agent ASAP.
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Ask a broker. There are over 2,700 property and casualty companies. As of today, 903 are admitted in Texas to do business. Most of them do not advertise, and will not write direct, so you have to use a broker.

Here's a top 40 list for Texas, based on market share:

I haven’t used any broker before but this time I definitely have to shop around for a better quote. Thank you ?
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I just shopped insurance and ended up with Allstate. Once I had a quote locked in, I went back to Geico to see if they can beat the allstate quote. They were able to lower it but came up short.