William Baird

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Farmers Insurance just started an exclusive deal with Uber to help make sure all drivers have the coverage they need and want. Farmers is able to provide full coverage (increased liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage) during period 1, during the time Uber has only limited liability coverage (as in Your car is not covered by them, and your current carrier may not be allowed to cover you at that point). Contact me and I can help go over your coverage, and make sure you protect yourself.


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This is a good point. Make sure you're covered at ALL times, not just when carrying fares, and not just when you're on personal time. People are sue-happy and any sort of business use of a vehicle is a way they will try to stick it to you even if the wreck if their fault. My wife and I carry commercial liability insurance on our Suburban for roadside assistance and it specifically states the policy covers us whether or not we are on an active call. We are available for work at any time and the truck is always "working" as it carries our tools and equipment.