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Insurance on Amazon Flex

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by 1234b, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. 1234b

    1234b New Member

    Hi guys I recently started the amazon flex delivery. Actually on my first day of delivery i had accident and i had to claim through Zurich. I did speak to the Zurich insurance they will fix the car.

    But my question is did i had to tell my own insurance that i was doing the delivery job? I only thought about it once accident occured. I have not yet spoken to my insurance.

    Please suggest me what to do please
  2. SpaceWheels

    SpaceWheels New Member


    Did they ask?

    They might cancel you. But maybe not. But just out of an accident isn’t the best time to be canceled I wouldn’t think.

    How did Amazon feel? Did they cancel you?

    Was the accident your fault?

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