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Looks like there's a new kid on the block. Anyone have any info? Looks like their pricing model is slightly less than Uber', with no surge pricing. I couldn't find any information on driver compensation, but apparently you can work both at the same time.



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No rates, no FAQ, so far looks like a joke.
There are rates posted which pretty much mimic Uber rates -> http://instaryde.com/pricing/ . Just no commission posted on what percentage they keep.

Someone in Toronto with knowledge is telling me it's 17.5% . Automatic $35/hr commission free guarantees from Thursday to Sunday from 10 pm to 3am

And that they go live in Toronto tonight.

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Im signed up as a Driver for them, they are legit.

GUARANTEED HOURLY PAY+BONUS (All conditions must be met): This is valid from 8pm EST- SEPT 10th till 8pm EST- SEPT 13th. We will be having other specials after that. (please look at the map we have attached)

Here are the details:

8pm-5am> $35/hr fixed pay.

5am-4pm> $25/hr fixed pay

4pm-8pm> $30/hr fixed pay

FOR EACH 6 hours you drive consecutively, you will receive a $35 BONUS!

FOR EACH 8 hours you drive consecutively, you will receive a $50 BONUS!

1. Must have acceptance ratio of 80% or higher.
2. Must work minimum 3 hours CONSECUTIVELY. EXAMPLE; 1-4pm= 3 HOURS
3. Must be ONLINE in driver mode for 45 minutes of EACH hour.
4. CANNOT work with any other ride-sharing service. We may ask for verification.
5. MUST stay in driver mode in the zone pointed out on the map. The map is attached. IF you have to drop passengers outside OR have a ryde request from outside the area- THAT IS OK. DO NOT WORRY. PICK UP THE PASSENGER.

Im looking into wether they have a one ride per hour requirement as well.


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I'm signed up as a Driver for them, they are legit.
Did you ask about insurance?

While I would like to see a Toronto company that would provide competition to Uber, I am surprised at this company’s approach. I see no mention of insurance provided by InstaRyde on their website and yet insurance must surely be a concern of many driverrs and passengers. InstaRyde rates seem to match Uber’s UberX rates except that their safely fee is 50¢ less that Uber’s safe ride fee. I would expect that to draw customers away from Uber they would have to compete more on price (and Uber would then at least price match and might drop its percentage take to retain drivers). Any company competing with Uber in the same TNC space would have to have deep enough pockets to afford losses for a period of time. While they may draw drivers with guarantees, they have to have the riders for those drivers.
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If they aren't saying anything it's probably worse, meaning your passenger is screwed also. Or they are playing dumb and expecting you to have livery coverage.


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I signed up as a driver with them but when it comes to insurance its buyer beware. In their agreement they are holding the driver liable for any and all injuries to the passenger and the public.


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There is a bunch of us signed up on this. Right now the app shows one driver online.

Also the Black cars are the same price as the equivalent X cars. So no one will order the X cars (Or very few) Some people have been online the whole night and not a single ping. Just collecting the money.

Insurance and By Law officers are not an issue if you are neither doing rides and for By law you are a ghost.

That could change but for early adopters this could be a win fall.


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Bylaw or insurance won't be an issue if you're not doing any rides. I will try them out for a few hours and see if they actually pay.


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Is it ethical to take money for being available to drive when you have no intention of driving?

And for those that drive a little in the hope of windfall earnings from InstaRyde guarantees, is it worth the risk of losing everything in an accident that's not covered by your insurance?


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Whether it's ethical or not, it's offered to you as a driver so why not go for it.

We know the risks going into this uber or any other rideshare service that enters the market, it's up to you the individual to decide whether the rewards outweigh the risks