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Instant pay. Not with my bank!

Discussion in 'Pay' started by kc ub'ing!, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing! Well-Known Member

    Reno, NV
    Lil help. When I withdrawal Uber to Gobank its literally instant. I have immediate access to my dough. When I withdrawal to my bank it takes 2-3 days! Both are deposited via ATM. Why the disparity? My bank blames Uber. Uber blames my bank. I see the deposit amounts in my account but their status remains pending for 2-3 days! This makes me think it's my bank with the issue. Thoughts?

    Does anyone have true instant pay with their own bank? I want to dump Gobank but damn it, sometimes I need instant pay instantly!
  2. The Gift of Fish

    The Gift of Fish Well-Known Member

    San Francisco
    Capital One 360 is instant with Uber. Lyft takes 10 minutes or so.
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  3. chitown73

    chitown73 Well-Known Member

    Yup, same here. When I cash out its in my Capitol One 360 acct within 1 min. Direct deposit at the end of the week usually takes until Wed tho.
  4. Ride Nights & Weekends

    Ride Nights & Weekends Active Member

    I use a Paypal Debit card and the transaction takes less time than a cashier at a gas station ringing stuff up.
  5. Signal Twenty

    Signal Twenty Active Member

    south of Tampa, FL
    I have Bank of America, and linked to my card and BOA checking account to it. Instant Pay took a bout 36 hours over a weekend.

    I did it on a Sunday, and it was in my account on Tuesday morning 7AM...so I'm not sure if it fell into Uber's regular direct deposit scheme.
  6. paulmsr

    paulmsr Well-Known Member

    TD Bank is instant, it shows up in my account before Uber even has the time to email me

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