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Instant pay glitch?


It happened to me. I'm fuming. I sent 1 email no reply I don't want to be drained with the copy n paste. I'm glad I came here and found out what happened.


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They screwed me up yesterday, too. it glitched and I also have a resending status.

Glad to see it wasn't just on my end.

Earnings is glitched tonight too, of course it is when I need to check on it really soon thanks to a trip glitch.



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When you try to use instant pay after banking hours, it won't work all the time because banking systems randomly shut down over night and no transactions can be made during this time.


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It's happened to me plenty but so far not for the past two months. Their excuse is always maintenance with gobank, even though I have it sent to my own bank account. The pic I attached is usually what will show up but most of the time they just keep your money for a couple of days



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What I've learned from my experience.

1.never do while online waiting for a ping.
2. I always do it with the Internet address now not the app.
3. Make sure no fares are pending and the system is working fine.
4. Do before 12am. My problems always happened after in early am