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Well Well Well as always Uber is again engaged in some clownish behavior.
It turns out instant pay is down. For all of the ignorant non business owners that say I wait and get paid on payday. Questions, when your contractor comes and finish the job does he say you can pay me Friday or does he expect his money then? If you are a driver for Uber you are an independent contractor. YOU SHOULD GET YOUR MONEY WHEN YOU COMPLETED THE TRIP. Uber has treated the drivers like crap from the beginning. What technology company cant work out a simple bug? The truth is Uber is a criminal organization.
They are embezzling money and laundering money. The FBI soon will be investigating this as well. This has never been or will ever be my only source of income. They will only listen when its over and someone goes to prison.
Has anyone else had an issue with instant pay. If you we would like to know.