Indiana state fair


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Does anyone have any tips or ideas on how to have effect of pick ups and drops at the state fair. This could get very confusing and result in a lot of canceled rides don't want to waste my time with Gen Con in town ,

The fair has the opportunity to make us a lot of money I just want to know how to do it efficiently .


There is a Designated pickup/dropoff, its on the north side gate 4 i think, big open area where the busses pick up /drop off at, but the problem is getting someone directed to it
I'm new-- I've only been driving for a week-- so forgive me if this is a frivolous comment, but would it be a good idea to print out a sign that says "UBER DRIVER: PLEASE DIRECT TO DROP OFF," and put it in my front window, in the hopes the it would keep me from getting caught in the likes of people waiting to park?