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Does anyone know how the incentives for each driver is determined? I didn't receive an hourly incentive this week, but I recieved boost (which I do not like as much). Can anyone fill me in? I only drove 3 days last week because I was sick. I had driven at least 5 days each week prior to that. Been driving for almost 2 months.


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They throw out names in a hat and whoever comes out 1st gets the boost and 2nd gets hourly. The others get nothing. No rhyme or reason for it, at least none that we can find.


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Have you noticed how the boost now has a 'morning map' and an 'evening map'?
Today I took a non-boost rider from Evanston to the loop. The trip was mostly within the boost area defined by the map (Touhy to River North), but the ride had no boost because it originated outside the boost area. Once I dropped the rider off, I found that I had to go north over the river to get back into the boost area, so I went offline, and headed north. It took me 20 minutes to go about 2 miles, and then I got a boost fare going back into the loop, a 1.6 mile ride which netted me $6.01 with the boost. Once again, I was outside of the boost area, so I went offline and headed north. The evening map extends south to Roosevelt, but only goes north to Wrigleyville, and also extends further west than the morning map. It is interesting to observe how Uber is refining their incentives to minimize payouts and maximize participation.


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It's all about the data. In the morning, the people in the south get screwed and in the evening the people in the north get screwed. Fun stuff.


If you are making more money with an incentive that has a positive effect on your mood, bank account, and overall well-being, they will stop offering it to you.

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so you made $200 or $141? Is boost worth it or not? Just trying to figure out if I should do it this Saturday. Thanks for any help whoever replies!