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Inaugural Ball - BR


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Quick update:

Inaugural ball dropoff locations are now three (two additional beside Costco / Celtic location): Istrouma Baptist Church (immediately across from Costco east of Airline) and Swaggart Ministries (Bluebonnet near Mall of LA). Verify as to which parking lot that your rider, who may have made a ride request upon leaving the Ball, is being transported. Alternately, request that your rider cancel, then make a request at their point of dropoff.


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Not so much BS - there have been discussions of this on other threads... Without quantifying the heat maps, as I understand it, no color = no demand with or without driver supply; yellow = some demand with ample driver coverage, orange = demand approaches or equals the driver coverage, red = surge (demands exceeds available driver supply in or immediately nearby said zone).

I've experienced "no hits" in orange areas on many occasions - usually attributable to being in spots within the zone distant from instant ride requests. I try to keep perspective that the zones are not "walls" in that the app will mate drivers and riders based on time/distance proximity, not on a zone preferred basis. The only time or place preference as to zone appears to be in surge conditions in that you must be in the red zone while accepting the surge fare in order to have the surge rules apply. Most long-term drivers on the BR threads profess strategies which are driven more by proximity to "hot spots" rather than "hot zones".

That's my experience anyway.