In the middle of a surge but no rides


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How is it that I can be sitting in the dead center of a surge that is 2X and be there for 10 minutes with no rides?


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I have learned a lot of about how Uber uses Surge this past week. We all knew that Uber used Surge to put drivers where they wanted them even if there is no rides. You can tell because as you and others get closer to the surge it goes away a lot of times before you arrive.

Well a few times last week I was doing 3-7am airport dropoffs and 1 of the lady's mentioned how professional it was to arrived exactly at 6am like she requested the night before. The only reason I was in her exact neighborhood was because it surged and went away.. this happened again the same week. Uber gives the pax a 15 minute window on pre-ordered rides. They use small fake surges that go away fast to lure ppl close to those customers so you will get their non surge request ans be there on time.