Important COVID-19 Figures


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From today. Hospital figures, for me, are the important figures. This whole social distancing mess is to keep the hospitals from becoming "over run".

From Deseret News:

The pandemic will reach its peak in Utah on April 25, 10 days after the pandemic peaks nationally, according to the institute. Utah will have enough beds, according to the analysts, but will still see between six and seven deaths per day from April 19 to April 30. And that is if residents practice full physical distancing measures through May.
Utah has 600 intensive care unit beds in the system, with about half of them currently occupied — mostly by patients without coronavirus, Maj. Gen. Jefferson Burton, who is leading the state health department’s COVID-19 response, said Friday. At the virus’ peak, 227 intensive care unit beds will likely be needed for COVID-19 patients.
About half of those who have required hospitalization for coronavirus in Utah have needed intensive care, officials have said.

We already know we will be "social distancing" until May. But how far past that is the question? And once social distancing ends, will we then see a new wave of outbreaks?

How many that end up in the hospital end up on ventilators is a figure I've been looking for for a while. This states 50%.


5% of those tested test positive (33,394 tested)
8% of those in Utah need hospitalization
50% of those end up on a ventilator

And it is also "speculated" for each positive test there are 5-6 people that were not tested that have it.

I had read somewhere else ICU beds were 500. So the 600 is a bit more than I had read prior. Only 1,000 ventilators in the state :frown: ..... that doesn't seem like many if things get out of hand. But we also don't have the ICU beds and I'm sure staff if more than 1,000 ventilators were needed.

Food for thought.......
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*Edit -- I just read it's ICU at 50%, doesn't say all them need ventilators. But I would suspect you go to ICU to get on a ventilator or are soon to be on one.


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I believe that not everyone in the ICU necessarily needs to be on a ventilator. Boris Johnson for example, is currently in the ICU but not on a ventilator (at least not yet).

On that note, for perspective, 5% x 8% = 0.4% of people tested need to be hospitalized. And if 50% end up being in the ICU, that's 0.2%.

And we're destroying people's livelihoods, compromising national security, shutting down a huge number of small businesses (many permanently), racking up more national deficity and likely driving up suicides, depression, anxiety and divorce.

Not worth it IMO.