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I'm Willing to be an Organizer(Los Angeles)

Discussion in 'Advocacy' started by uberebu, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. uberebu

    uberebu Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    I had a vivid imagination. Not only could I put myself in the other person's place, but I could not avoid doing so. My sympathies always went out to the weak, the suffering, and the poor. Realizing their sorrows I tried to relieve them in order that I myself might be relieved. - Clarence Darrow

    After doing this for one year I've realized that the only was I am going to make more money driving for Uber/Lyft is by helping other drivers do so.

    I have previously been a member of two different Unions. Frankly, they could have adapted, but they wanted to preserve rather than re-imagine, and they will likely die with my parents generation. The Baby Boomers.

    I believe what we have before us is nothing new, but has been played out previously. New technologies always cause disruption and labor exploitation. This has happened before following the Industrial Revolution. We know what we have to do. But we can't do it the same way. We are not fighting for the same things, but we are fighting the same motivations and history is our playbook.

    We need not try to resist Uber/Lyft. We just need to make them play by their rules. And right now they are using their best technology while we are not.

    We are DriveR. We are PartneR. And we need to start training ourselves to think as such.

    They have hackers they call engineers and programmers. We have hackers, engineers and programmers we call Drivers. We're just not yet as organized.

    I have the answer and have been working on it for some time. It's simple. Remove the inefficiencies of brick and mortar Unions while keeping the benefits of the organization.

    It's an application that will be able to be used by drivers world wide. It will provide a way for drivers to connect through local and regional cells. It will provide the next level of disruptive technology(LoL) that will provide many more opportunities for us all to make those ends meet.

    We don't need to go to union meetings. We don't need to pay dues. We can have our cake and eat it too.

    I really wish I could tell you all more about it. But, loose lips sink ships. And I've said enough.

    I don't want to charge for it. I'm not a developer, I'm a driver with 4,000+ rides. I'm right there with you.

    I'm into it for about $2,500 so far...OUCH. But I think it will be worth every penny.
  2. Doggie238

    Doggie238 New Member


    You bear a striking resemblance to Quentin Tarantino. Since I mentioned striking let's get to it

    My name is Tom Naue. I am a retired teamster and currently drive for LYFT UBER. I am of your parent's generation. I am beginning to organize a driver's group here in Chicago.
    Please contact me. I am trying to identify other drivers in other cities that are willing to take the lead in creating a viable drivers advocacy group.

    Phone: 224-423-4012

    PS OVER 12,000 rides.
  3. uberebu

    uberebu Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    Hi Tom. Sorry for the delay. I've been recovering from an illness And building a production environment at home to work from. I've been building that application that will serve as an organizational tool along with all of the best aspect of the driver apps included.

    And the cost is significantly less than brick and mortar. We've got to put the power of the Union in the pocket of the people.

    I can call you tomorrow if you like.
  4. uberebu

    uberebu Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    Drivers need to make more money. I've worked out a few ways.

    Oh. And I've designed some very creative ways to strike...err ummmtake unit breaks etc. But the fun one will be the crowd voted strike feature where once it reaches a Tipping Point what it will do is in the order in which those that loaded up they will voluntarily take a five-minute break, unless they're on a ride accepted during the voting process which takes them off the grid anyways. I would actually make a suggestion of 10 minutes for people to get out of their car stretch use the restroom. I'm thinking more like for a health and safety major but also something that the public is going to like to see.

    That way if it's crowdsourced and voluntary on each individual drivers Park it cannot be looked at as an organized disruption of service.

    I've been a developer for many years with a protracted break. I really love driving Uber and Lyft but the money situation is both type trying to make it on just that. So another thing I want to do is provide a number of other ways for drivers to diversify. One of them is another application that I'm building that's going to need delivery drivers.

    And there isn't any reason we shouldn't have a hundred percent membership. And once we have that, we will be organized, and then Jeff Bezos will call us...LoL

    I know there are some people out there that are trying to organize that the cost of $10 a week or month or whatever. However I've been able to pretty much automate everything have an application pretty much ready to go that will be our pockets Jimmy Hoffa.

    There do need to be dues for membership which at this point in time I'm thinking we can start off with $1 a month see what the costs are and then just spread it out accordingly don't overcharge anyone make it all even. As a developer I would like to offer my services for a dollar a week in exchange for a suite of applications that does anything any driver wants that is possible. That way we can dump all these expensive applications 5 10 15 20 $25 a month for all spending to get a bunch of apps that only do most or some of what we want.

    I can even have it set up so that each and every driver has their own fully customizable application.

    So for the total cost of $5 a month if you drive each week. If you decide to take a few weeks off you don't have to pay the $1 a week.

    Just keep the $1 a month membership.

    I can't imagine anybody having a problem paying that even if they don't want the application suite for the additional dollar per weeks use. That's just my way of trying to save drivers money. Because I'm going to be out there too and I'm damn sick and tired of all these applications crashing my devices.

    So I built a better one.

    I also have a couple ideas for writer applications that are going to show them how much they're getting overcharged and how they can save.

    And if we can do this well I already built a fully automated Uber slash lift system minus the third leg for payment processing. Payments happen directly from Rider to driver through NFC. It literally reduces the cost of the business to 5%. Which was the original cost of Ubers operations.

    I had a hardware failure but I can recompile everything. It's a distributed Network imagine it much like Napster. They won't be able to shut it down. And we won't offer it as a new platform as much as one we will sideload where Riders and drivers can match up and drivers can keep 95% of the pay.

    Or 100% with membership and direct deposit to our Federal Credit Union we will be starting.

    Now I got it all worked out already. Got all the costs lined up the time frames and even a couple investors interested in impeding Uber fully automated trucking business.
  5. Leo1983

    Leo1983 Active Member

    Los Angeles
    Do it. Sounds great to me. I plan on leaving the industry within the next three months. But still will stay active in bringing down these ponzie schemes.

    Their business practices are disgusting, cruel, and illegal.
    No government official will even return my many messages and emails.
    **** Jerry Brown and Michael Picker. Those are the dickwads we need to go after!!

  6. uberebu

    uberebu Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    :cool:...Working on it now.
  7. jgiun1

    jgiun1 Well-Known Member

    I was also a member of the Local Teamsters 926 union and I have to say.....what a JOKE and scam themselves they are....especially Hoffa's son running it, or should I say ruining it.

    Our union just sent out letters earlier in the year (government forced letter) that pension was in critical stage from them spending all the union dues.
  8. Blatherskite

    Blatherskite Well-Known Member

    Plateau of Leng
    Er, which?

    Use a Braintree plugin. Fin Tech isn't a wheel you want to reinvent. Lots of legal and infosec you can't risk.

    The major flaw in your idea: insurance.

    Can't do nuthin' without insurance.
  9. uberebu

    uberebu Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    Funny thing about insurance companies. If enough people want a product they will create a financial instrument. Think Uber.

    I meant I am not a professional developer. Right now I just want to gain some real world experience. I've been toying with Linux for almost 20 years but it just finally clicked. It would seem that my problem was something about windows and gates. I previously worked from home doing some minor webdev while I was operating an internet radio station.

    I don't always proofread...:cool:

    Funny thing about the insurance though. Having given in to Uber is just one step closer to us not needing a costly 'note' on our insurance that says we drive for Uber. And regarding insurance...Napster had a really good run before it shut down and it was sold for good money at the time. We all already burden the lions share of the financial end of things. The only difference is a name on paper and if someone is getting a cut. Which I would not be.

    :cool:...I'm not a taxi company...I'm a software company...LoL
  10. bsliv

    bsliv Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas, NV
    Insurance is one problem. State licensing for a tnc might be another. Uber appears to have influenced our regulators to erect barriers to prevent competition. "For an applicant seeking authority to utilize more than 7,000 drivers within the first 24 months after a permit is granted, $500,000."
    That's in addition to the $200 a driver pays to the state.
  11. uberebu

    uberebu Well-Known Member

    los angeles
    When does Google have to do that? They did add ride-sharing...Cough, sorry, carpooling for a fee that the driver gets thingy they added to Waze yes?

    Uber and all the Napsters of the world have taught taught us all to simply define what it is you are doing such that CURRENT laws don't apply.

    Remember...Uber is not a transportation company, they are a technology company. Rinse. Repeat.
  12. bsliv

    bsliv Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas, NV
    Google would have to do it if Google took a fee, they currently don't. Also, drivers are limited to $0.54 per mile (the IRS rate).

    I don't mean to discourage advancements. But regulations have been put in place. The anti-competition regulations are not good for the public and general economy. Competition spurs innovation. Regulations stifle innovation. Competition creates a better product for the consumers. Competition produces lower prices for the consumer. Competition creates more users of the product. Competition is good.
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