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I'm not your Uhaul driver

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Iann, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. Got this text yesterday from pax.

    then received a phone call before I could cancel.
    she was telling me she had set multiple stops in the app as were going back and forth to her new place a couple blocks down the road.

    I couldn't help myself and started laughing. you're crazy if you think I'm doing that.
    I'm Not Your Uhaul Lady.
    she then tells me it's too much to rent a uhaul. I have 3 kids and their dad's won't help.
    I have 3 kids also I say and dont really care. rent a uhaul.

    wtf is wrong with people.

    sad part is we all know some ant took the ride and helped her move.
  2. Old BUF Guy

    Old BUF Guy

    I haven't had that one yet, but I have had a few airport runs where the pax had 3 or 4 extremely heavy bags (I'm guessing in the range of 100-125#'s each) that they expected me to load in my vehicle for them, and then unload at the airport...

    Maybe they figured that with the extra amount the airlines would charge them for the overweight bags, they could skip giving me a tip, because they didn't tip...
  3. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    I would of done it on uber, for the badges
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  4. If I knew for sure I was getting a badge, I would do just about anything.

    But we just don't know.
  5. How about the real estate lady, has a Uber driver go to a location, turns out its a house for sale,tells Uber driver when he gets there to take a Pic of the house,send pic to her phone, & you get paid for going over to the house for sale location? Thats the problem with Uber Pax, they are cheap, they know there time is $$$, but who cares about us? Answer, they %#%#% on many drivers. Unreal,JMO
  6. HotUberMess


    “Sounds like you need to make some friends” then CANCEL

    I didn’t used to be such a hard-hearted ant. Something happened long ago. A fair maiden requested a ride 180 miles away. She paid me naught for the return trip. She tipped me nothing. Halfway through she realized she’d left something back in Orlando and begged me to mail it to her, then pestered me over the holiday weekend constantly about when I was going to mail it.

    I made a promise to myself that never again would this ant get stepped on! Now my CANCEL button has worn a spot on my phone screen. Now I go home feeling a little less crappy.

    /Ok sometimes I still get beat with the switch of fate
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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  7. All this stuff they want drivers to do wouldn't seem like such a slap in the face if we knew people tipped.
    But we know they want us to do all this extra stuff, like help them move, and they pay $15, driver gets $7.86. No tip.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
  8. unPat


    It’s worth those 5 stars.
  9. JTTwentySeven


    North Jersey
    I would never. Waiting per minute is not worth it when I could be driving miles for someone else.
  10. I’d rather drive circles around town and make nothing then help someone for 3 miles and 36 minutes.
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  11. After thinking about it.
    I'm really disappointed in myself. I should of gone to the address and filmed the poor schmuck that accepted the ride.
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  12. RibakRibak wouldn’t be happy with you video taping him
  13. HotUberMess


    Commenting so I can like this twice
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  14. Pawtism

    Pawtism Moderator

    The Gamma Quadrant
    You really should have! :D
  15. Brian G.

    Brian G.

    That's awesome. I recently left a pax that wanted to do the whole multiple stop thing. I took him to his first stop and he said to me "I'll see you soon". I stopped the trip and collected. I just get a laugh out of these entitled pax like running into a coffee shop that doesn't have a drive thru and taking them a total of 1.5 miles lol gtfoh haha.
  16. HotUberMess


    I had a guy with real anger issues make me wait 15 minutes at a halal meat place while he had a butcher cut his meat. No joke. And he left another pax with groceries in the car. I was legit afraid of this guy, called FUber afterward and OF COURSE they could do absolutely squat for me (like split the trip).
  17. Ribak


    I would be ok taking the trip if it was a simple one way journey.

    UBER Help.jpg
  18. corniilius


    In the black
    Sounds like she needs to find a new baby's daddy that owns a truck.
  19. backcountryrez


    PAX is a moron. $19.99 to rent a truck from HD for 75 minutes.
  20. In her mind I'm sure she's thinking the rental wouldn't come with a helper.

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