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I'm left with 67%

Discussion in 'Austin' started by Native Austinite, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Native Austinite

    Native Austinite Active Member

    After doing the math on my fares today, I realize how bad we are now being screwed.

    When you add in the $2-3-4 dollar trips, the average of what is taken out goes way UP (since a $2 ride strips more than 50% of your fare)

    I calculated that out of my fares, 33% was gone. So to any newbs not doing math, beware. 20% is a load of ****.
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  2. HornsFan

    HornsFan Active Member

    Austin, tx
    Yup. That's part of why Uber is so gung ho about lowering prices even though it encourages people to take $3 rides. They still make their $1.....PLUS their 20% so why wouldn't they want lots and lots of short rides?? It's part of their ruthless business model that ****s drivers but makes money for Travis so....Uber On!!! :-(
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