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I'm in Fremont - now what ?

Sacto Burbs

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So I took a ride SJC to Fremont (south). Now what ? It was just after morning rush. Gridlock heading south again so I thought how do I get across the Dumbarton or even happy to get rides around for pennies. Do any pax ever travel 10-11 am there ?


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I would sttart driving south from there, and set DF North to Van Ness Ave. I dont have much luck with a df direct from that area including union city, newark, and hayward. What did you actually end up doing and how did that play out for ya?


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There is one tech / programing school that a ton of people from India go to. You can normally get a ping there but it may not take you out of fremont. Ill try to look up that school if no one else knoes it. Its in an industrial office area.

Initial D

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I've driven in Fremont plenty of times before since I used to live there.

There are always workers or students needing a ride from the Tesla factory. Different destinations from different people. There are sometimes people who wants to go to Milpitas, San Jose, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and the Peninsula, or San Francisco in my experience. Some people at the Warm Springs Bart Station sometimes want to travel south. I had a group of pax from out of town getting off the Fremont Bart Station and visited a hotel in Newark. Left a nice tip.

However, Fremont can be extremely frustrating because you may get tons of UberFool and SharedWhiff rides from people who can afford regular rides. I prefer working around Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, San Francisco and San Jose though.