I'm amazed at the number of people that don't tip.....


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When I first started this I thought EVERYBODY would tip, almost like a waitress receiving tips.....boy was I wrong. I've gone full days without a tip but on the flip side had some great days with huge tips. Before I joined the ant farm, as a PAX I ALWAYS tipped.
Older people going to the doctor, airport drop offs, and people having their car repaired are my best tippers. My worst tippers are people going to low paying jobs that use Uber everyday, and of course most students.
I did notice the surest way to know your not getting a tip is when a passenger says: "I'll give u a nice tip on the app!"
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I laugh when someone says "I'm going to give you 5 stars!" I actually tell them, "Everyone gives 5 stars. If you truly appreciate my service, please consider a tip."

I've had some decent tips lately, like someone rounded up their $3.66 ride with a $7 tip.

Actually had an elderly couple hand me $10 cash and say at dropoff, "Hang on while we go inside and get more" !!! I kindly declined and said they were more than generous already.