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Illegal Activity / Unsafe transportation / Insurance Fraud


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Back to the OP's original post.

1) Attention has been diverted from the road to the device with all analytical resources channeled to making decisions about acceptance/canceling after acceptance/navigation
In Texas the state law is no texting while actively driving. Interacting with a device for navigational purposes is exempt as well as hands on conversations. Distracting? Yes, but not illegal. The only exception to this is within an active school zone. U/L, at least in Texas, is not causing any driver to commit an illegal action.

No regulations will help this situation.

2) Illegal U-Turns, lane changes without signaling, sudden stops, ignoring traffic control devices and signs occurs as drivers rush(?) to the pick-up spot.
If you are referring to what the app is telling you to do it would be characterized as misinformation. If you do what it says that may be illegal. I personally ignore such misinformation.

If you are referring to what drivers actually do in their rush to "get there" then yes it probably is illegal. I'm pretty sure there a numerous drivers who have done so only to find themselves paying fines for doing so.

No regulations will help this situation.

3) vehicles are driven in need of maintenance. A random inspection of any area where vehicles queue up will find cars driven by illegals using someone else's documents, vehicles in need of tires, lights, brakes or chocks......
I was amazed that after doing a little research that only 15 states out of the 50 in the US plus the District of Columbia require at least an annual safety inspection. I totally agree that all vehicles, not just ride share, require this to be done. But I believe this to be the state's requirement.


Regulation may solve this but only to the extent that ride share vehicles would be deemed safe to be on the road. I'd rather see all vehicles deemed safe.

4) Drivers are under insured or not insured at all as they drop off a passenger until they pick up the next one because their insurance company will refuse any claim related to an accident occurring with the vehicle used for ride share activities. Drivers lie or ignore the questions designed to identify the activity to save money.
Agreed. I know it happens. Regulation may help this. But my questions are:

1) Under insured. What amount would you suggest is practical for liability purposes? I personally have what's termed 100/100/300 coverage on my ride share vehicle. The first 100 is $100K for damage to another vehicle(s) if an accident is my fault. The second 100 is $100K medical per person in my vehicle. And the 300 is $300K maximum medical per accident. And yes I have the ride share endorsement on my policy.
Is this sufficient in your opinion?

2) Not insured. Should a ride share endorsement on one's personal insurance be mandatory?

The whole issue of no insurance and under insured is a personal decision for each driver to consider based on how much risk they are willing to assume. I'm pretty sure there are many that lived to regret not being properly insured.

If/when some form of regulation happens concerning ride share it may thin the herd so to speak but it will not put any more money in the driver's pocket. If for instance it eliminates 20% of the current drivers on the road do you really think it will make a difference?
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Don't we already have enough regulations in this country? If people are going to ignore the current regulations they are going to ignore new regulations as well.

Uber/Lyft are technology companies drivers are responsible for themselves. Look at zillow.com they are a technology company that people use to find homes for sale. If I find a home on zillow.com and go look at it and get mugged because it was in a bad neighborhood is zillow.com liable? Do we need a regulation for zillow.com to have to screen all homes listed for sale before they are put on the web page?

How about severely punishing the ones that don't follow basic regulation already in place instead of making more regulations. That just punishes the people doing the right thing by causing them more hoops to jump trough. Our society has turned into a blame someone/something else society instead of blaming the person doing wrong.