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If you've had a puker, this might make you feel better...


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I wonder if the kid will grow up being afraid of bylaw and police officers, and have difficulty getting insurance.


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"After going into labour late last week, the woman called for an ambulance, but her calls went unanswered – so instead, she got an Uber cab, the Times of India reported." :wink:



Sounds like another fun uber promotion: "UberBaby" ...Increase your earning potential by taking women in labor directly to the hospital! Rates and any cleaning fee will be reduced by 35% as a kind gesture to the expecting parent(s). Imagine the fortune waiting to be had driving for UberBaby! Uber on!


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D Town

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thats a sh**ty thing to do, but to put the pressure of taking a woman in labor to the hospital on an uber driver is silly and shows poor judgement and lack of planning on the husbands side. something this important should not be placed on someone that is not trained for such a situation like an ambulance driver is
Labor doesn't always mean the baby is about to pop out. It could be up to another day before the kid arrives however I understand WHY the Uber driver passed on taking a puking pax in his car but I wouldn't have left a pregnant woman in need of a hospital on the sidewalk.