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If You Were CEO of Uber, What Would You Change?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Jagent, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Jagent

    Jagent Moderator Moderator

    If you were hired to replace Travis, what would you do?

    I would do the following. ...

    1. Worldwide ad campaign to attract riders. Showcase the cleaniness and convenience of rideshare. Show how the app works and how you can watch a driver show up in minutes.

    2. Increase fares by 20%.

    3. Institute a small fuel fee that rises and falls with gas prices. 100% for the driver.

    4. Tipping Option.

    5. Drop all investment in flying cars and self driving cars. Instead, partner with a major automaker. They make the cars, we provide the rideshare market.

    6. Partner with Airlines. Offer pax special airport packages that are bundled with airplane tickets. You buy a plane ticket, Uber to and from airport is included. Dominate airports.

    7. Partner with hotels. You rent a room? Ubering around town is included.

    8. Offer VIP packages for bar hopping in resort towns. You basically get an Uber black all night.

    9. Offer business packages. Businesses could get a discount by purchasing a service contract. All employees on out of town business would have an Uber code.

    Travis is wasting so much money, missing so many opportunities and creating so much negative consumer emotion that it's unreal. Anyone could do a better job. Uber could pay fair wage AND totally dominate the transportation market. It's a shame that this company is run by a clown.
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  2. ABC123DEF

    ABC123DEF Well-Known Member

    Southeastern USA
    He just overthinks things in my opinion...and his hard head and ego make matters much worse.
  3. UubSaibot

    UubSaibot Active Member

    Most CEOs of many corporations don't really give a damn about the company, customers, or people who work for them. They just have the position for a few years, pad their multimillion dollar salaries, and roll it into whatever other investments they have, satisfy their drug and prostitute addictions, and whatever else the choose to do. The corporation can go bankrupt for all they care.
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  4. jp300h

    jp300h Well-Known Member

    Orlando, FL 32828
    10) weed out ****ty drivers/cars

    11) market to businesses that have frequent travelers. Have a business account setup to track expenses

    12) market the select/xl/black services better. (Especially to the businesses in item 11)

    13) giver drivers ride credits based on their volume.
  5. entrep1776

    entrep1776 Well-Known Member

    Peoria IL
    Simplify. Get the App STABLE. stop adding stupid shat like phone in holder accelerations braking.

    Add tipping (no brainer).

    Driver incentive. the longer months years you've been driving the higher percentage driver keeps.(should lower driver acquisition costs). Give drivers little something for trip 500,1000 etc. ($50?)Higher driver rating =higher pay.

    Get rid of Pool.

    That's it. Dun n Dun.

  6. BoboBig

    BoboBig Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
    Easier said then done...but I respect your opinions...

    I would cut rates more to get more riders, to make a profit..

    Hire and recruit more drivers so there is a Uber only 1 minute away thus making more profit..

    Increase rider set fee therefore increasing profits..

    Lmao jk hahah....

    Okay we have to be careful on this thread cause you know uber reads these threads and they would steal our ideas in a heart beat and take the credit for it that's how sneaky this company is.

    No seriously though I think the biggest problem Uber is having from our perspectives as drivers is (making the drivers happy) where we stand as far as the business is concerned....

    1. So I would say cut the commission to 20% for All drivers doesn't matter if you are a seasoned driver or not...

    2. Stop recruiting drivers in major city's which are already heavily saturated.

    3. Start making commercials to increase new passengers and offer some type of coupon on these commercials...(tv, internet, radio)

    4. Offer full commission to the guys who work the hardest like Lyft does or did....

    5. Don't offer bogus promotions like 1.1 Boost which is ridiculous just keep it at regular rate or grab our attention with 1.5+ at least if you want us to work a particular area...

    6. Get rid of Kalanik or he should be a Man with integrity and step up to the plate and from his heart thank all the hard working drivers and say hey I'm gonna increase rates for you guys because I care about you guys and not my investors I mean how much profit and greed is enough....

    7. Have Travis Kaladick watch Its a Wondeful Life and Scrooged as prescribed so he understands what this life is actually about...

    8. Have billboards that get attention of new riders with some type of promo code to recruit...

    9. Etc....

    But no they rather spend money on other **** and would probably join Eli and tesla to have a separate category "Uber Moon" and even then these fuxkars or even me or you would probably use Pool hahha...✌️️

    Just did 5 hours guys had a good day but didn't do Uber lol...✌️️✌️️

    Yeah he is a weirdo spoiled little biotch that thinks he's hella smart but he just struck black gold like the Beverly hillbillies did....i use to work for a person like him he is on drugs or something.
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  7. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    Raise rates immediately.
    Implememt quarterly vehicle inspections. With Uber inspectors.
    Cap SURGE at 3 times.
    Educate regarding ratings.
    Offer discount vehicle,life,health insurance via James River if feasible.
    Offer in house vehicle financing at 10% interest.( uber financial and insurance,spin off company)
    Recruit and retain more female personal at corporate.
    Try to expand territory in U S.
    DRIVE a certain amount of hours weekly,accumulate 7 sick/ vacation days paid after 1 year service.
    Reduce Uber percentage withheld from experienced drivers.
  8. BoboBig

    BoboBig Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
    You know damn well everything I put, you put about raising rates and stuff would go down the drain as soon as you became CEO lol...there are more then CEO behind all this slavery lol

    Damn if you did all this I would want you to be the CEO but you might get jaded and then decrease the rates more then they are now and they would push you to use your brain for corporate evil...lol
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  9. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.
    Of course I would have to get estimated costs of all proposed programs and weigh them against potential benefits.
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  10. BoboBig

    BoboBig Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
  11. DRider85

    DRider85 Well-Known Member

    1. Instant tipping option
    2. Apologize to everyone for the lack of transparency when it comes to tips.
    3. 20 percent higher fares
    4. Option to opt out Pool whenever you want
    5. Take maybe 7 to 8 percent instead of 25 percent
    6. Change the rating system or abolish it. Rating can be an Ebay Structure. Positive, Negative, or Neutral
    7. Training. All Drivers should have to pass a Training Course.
  12. BoboBig

    BoboBig Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
    Who pays for the driving course?
  13. DRider85

    DRider85 Well-Known Member

    That depends
  14. BoboBig

    BoboBig Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
    Elaborate...the current Uber would never do it.....would cost millions.....

    For a driver it would cost $80+ Depending on quality of course, requirements , etc...zzzzzz lol
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  15. DRider85

    DRider85 Well-Known Member

    80 bucks would be worth it, if everything else on my list was fulfilled.
  16. Jermin8r89

    Jermin8r89 Well-Known Member

    How about emergeny situations no surge but extra incentive to driver. Make pax and driver happy. Storms/protest/evacuations ect...
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  17. BoboBig

    BoboBig Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
    I would rather pay zero...see your already putting stuff on the driver....this would cost tons to the company let's just keep driving haha....
  18. Fuzzyelvis

    Fuzzyelvis Well-Known Member

    All great ideas. But I'd raise the rates a lot more than 20% in most markets. That doesnt even get mine to before the LAST rate cut, and it was too low even then.
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  19. BoboBig

    BoboBig Well-Known Member

    Bay Area
    But you are CEO you would lose to Lyft hahhahhahahahahahahahahah...
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  20. circle1

    circle1 Well-Known Member

    Actually, imo, rather than a 20% fare increase (which would be a price shock), just increase the minimum fare to $10, which would pretty much eliminate these late-night burger & 7-11 runs!

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