If you want to obtain the cancellation fee...

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run the cancellation/waiting clock down to zero. Do not cancel the ride and give a cancellation reason. You will not get paid. I made the mistake last night. Got to the location, customer told me he didn't need ride, so I cancelled the ride and tabbed "rider cancelled ride". Should have waited in front of the pickup location for 5 minutes and then cancel ride. I learned my lesson. Please correct me if I'm wrong....


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You're mostly right. However, if rider cancels then you can eave immediately and usually receive the cancellation fee if you have already arrived. When driving Lyft, you are required to attempt a phone call before cancelling.


The only way YOU can cancel and receive a cancelation fee from Uber is arriving at the pin location (and staying close to it) and waiting the timer out for 5 minutes. You will eventually watch the 2 minute timer run out, and then turn green saying "Charging for wait time". You still must wait another 3 minutes to receive your cancellation fee. After 3 minutes on the extended "green" timer, a message will pop up saying "Cancel If No-Show". That is your only indication when it is safe to cancel a ride and get your fee. If you cancel anytime before 5 minutes, even a second, you will not receive anything from Uber. However, I find that most riders will make it out by the 4 minute mark.

It is also vital that you stay close to the pin on the Uber map of the rider's location because if you veer too far from it the timer will pause (turn orange) and say "Drive closer to rider". This can be very frustrating if the rider entered the wrong pick up address in app, and tells you via text or phone call of their actual location. If this happens, and the correct pickup address isn't updated, I don't believe Uber will compensate any cancellation fee (or even log waiting time) as you are too far from the pin.

If at anytime a rider calls/tells you that they don't need a ride anymore or requested a ride by mistake, tell them that THEY need to cancel the ride on their end; not yours. If you cancel, it'll affect your ratings and you likely won't get a cancellation fee (Only if your waiting a complete 5 minutes). If they tell you after waiting 5 minutes, it won't matter who cancels the ride.

Hope I helped clarify :smiles:
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