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If someone was smart......

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bk102, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. bk102

    bk102 Member

    They would make an app that puts you in the optimal location to get pings based on history, cars that are out there and expected rider requests. Unfortunately....I am not that smart but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night.
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  2. Jbstevens88

    Jbstevens88 Active Member

    That would require 3rd party access to Uber data and they are not in the sharing mood.
  3. beezlewaxin

    beezlewaxin Active Member

    You could scrape the positions of cars across an area, and work on the assumption that when a driver accepts a ping, their car disappears from the map. Over time the logic could be refined, the data collection could be made more accurate, efficient and stealthy.

    From all this you could determine some very valuable info:

    1. Exact locations where drivers dissappear from the map because of accepting a ride request.
    2. Filter and only show this data for a selected block of time, same 5-15mins.
    3. Determine for each time block if there is a pattern. Example everyday at 352pm, it surges for 15mins at this casino. Now you know where to be tomorrow. And so on.
    4. Have an app that queries this data for the time block you are in or almost in, and distance away, and will show you heat map of areas hitting or about to hit, near you or based on preferences.

    5. The eventual goal would be turn by turn directions, on how to spend your time in between trips, even if the direction is to park here and wait until told otherwise.

    6. And of course would be nice to throw your locations to the hot area when you still a minute or two away. Useful for Hotspot that can't sustain any staging.

    Well, this is one way of optimizing your time in between pings.. this kind of app the devil is in the details for it to work as described. And actually the app merely be an interface into the results of what would be a server-based api data collection database and processing system that would probably need constant tweakig..

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