If Brady One is reading better get on the road


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Sure a lot of this will go away when the $2 promotion kicks in at 5 PM but all of a sudden it’s too warm for people to walk?



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Nah I was walking down Michigan Ave when all hell broke loose some cable and piece of metal snapped ( someone said a person threw it) and hit a buncha cars and some people so it’s been closed for a while since 2:15pm


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You are right. Convention at McCormick. I had a couple of pick up at the hotel nearby. Dozens of ubers and cabs. Hundreds of people in suits and ties. Got a couple of 3.1x rides.


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Get that surge while is hot people. But I can see those snowflakes complaining tomorrow on Channel 7....
”Uber took advantage of the situation on Michigan ave and triple my fare..I had no choice but to walk and wait for a nasty and loud CTA bus...I was mobbed and assaulted because of Uber...”