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We all know Uber bends you over no lube. Idg is the guy that brings you a nice cold drink with a smile but after drinking it, you start to feel queasy. The last thing you see is Uber smiling at you asking if you're okay.


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IDG did rally for our new pay rates, no question on that. so for any of u bashing them, shame on you. You are def the ones that didnt show up for shit and let them fight ur battles.

They seem well organized so it's up to u to support the fight against these tech giants

Uber didn't fight back the rate increase while the other app companies did. IDG went full support because Uber supported idg.

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Do you think UBER is FOR or AGAINST the CAP?? Sure Uber is AGAINST the cap right?

I mean, only DRIVERS and those fighting FOR the drivers would be IN FAVOR of the cap, makes sense, right?

So why is “our union” working behind the scenes against it????
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