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IDG, Uber & Lyft paid Trolls on UP forum

Discussion in 'New York City' started by Frank Underwood, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    There is a serious issue developing on this forum. I have been saying for a while now that there is an increase in new accounts/shills on this forum who are here to deliberately post misinformation about Uber/Lyft and even the IDG (we all know who). IDG is sponsored by Uber. So the individual posting IDG propaganda is by his very nature a PAID UBER troll. Many have clashed with me for my posts. No one can with a straight face accuse me of being paid by Uber/Lyft/IDG. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of Uber, Lyft or even the IDG. I know one thing though, I can spot a paid troll from a mile away. I did a lot of internet trolling until around 2014, I was a big time troll on 4Chan (something I'm not proud of in real life) where I trolled for years (#KEK). I have trolled ESPN, CNN, Twitter, Facebook you name it. I led a campaign against a very famous celebrity (I won't mention who) that led to that person leaving twitter permanently. I'm quite good at it actually. My point is this, I know a troll from a MILE away.

    These shills/trolls are very easy to spot. They are paid by lobbyists to spread positive propaganda with the intention of deceiving others. This morning, I have spotted 8 of these accounts posting nothing but spin and lies about Uber/Lyft driving conditions or towing their line. These trolls are paid by the post. They are kind of like 'fake news'. Propaganda created to deceive. Many on this forum might think of me as the Trump guy etc but you should trust me on this.

    My advice, continue to spread the truth about; Uber poop, Lyft poop, indentured servitude level wages, bad work conditions, nasty customers, NYC TLC abuse etc. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Uber/Lyft/IDG/TLC and their criminal deception should be made public. There is power in numbers, power in the collective... We must unite and fight back!
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  2. Zubera


    How can one apply for a troll job? What's pay like?
  3. All i know is if i had the money and resources I would do the same thing for my company. So i am inclined to believe this as a fact.

    They did an episode on "Blacklist" about underground companies that do this. They talk about how they can spread panic or massive gossip that ruins careers

    Just like you can buy false "likes" and views for youtube channels and other social sites.

    We all know uber plays pshycological mind twisting stradegies. Lets not be naive.
  4. You are paid per post. For legal reasons, I do not want to get into detail. All I'll say is that record labels, artist, tv shows, politicians, lyft, uber, foreign governments do this to sway opinions.

    This is not a myth. Lobbyists pay for these troll accounts. This forum, reddit, twitter, facebook etc are full of paid trolls.

    You don't even need to buy likes and views. You can run a script that will do it for you. I know program that works on Linux that can do this. It's available on torrents but you need a VERY good processor (i7).

    Uber pays the IDG as controlled opposition.
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  5. Yulli Yung

    Yulli Yung

    Lafayette, LA
    Wow, what an imagination. Perhaps you should write a book or make a movie about this!!!!
  6. Aah, delightful 4Chan /b/random
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  7. goneubering


    LA/Orange Counties
    This is very common. Are you not aware?
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  8. Some people are too proud to admit they are part of a controled system. And when they kind of believe it they are naive to the facts of a how detailed and deeply rooted in everyday life these manipulations are.

    Even though its easily googleable information.
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  9. jaybx17


    The Hood
    If you think this guy has an imagination google a fella on this blog by the name of HerbyHerbs :confused::rolleyes: LMAO!!!
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  10. NewAge82


    Omg!!!!! Finally someone who isn't blinded by the fake.
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  11. Jonrockzz


    New york
    Oh please do go into details and the requirements for this job so i may apply
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  12. I'm not going to post links or other information. Sometimes, you are paid by 'public relations firms'. That is all I will say (for legal reasons). You can do this with a program that is connected to bots and will post comments in intervals. Most commonly, you see this on Twitter. Some of these troll farms are in; China, Russia, USA, South Africa, Albania, Estonia, Turkey and a handful of other countries. Troll farms use VPN to mask the IP address and use virtual phone numbers where needed. It's complex. To do it on your own, you need a program (do a search) that is available on Linux. Gentoo was the preferred distro back in our heyday (until 2015).

    My point is this, just open your eyes and take a good look at this forum. I can spot the paid trolls. Uber and Lyft are engaged in information warfare against the people of the USA and the world at large. Their end goal is to create a duopoly over transportation in which no one owns cars and they alone control the transportation market. To reach that goal, they use propaganda to soften the people.

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